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Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Isn't it amazing what we will find in a junk drawer in our house. And how that junk spills over into our hearts, bodies and souls. I have been carrying so much junk around, both figuratively and literally, for the last 10 years, wait a minute, who am I kidding, it's been my whole life. It's time to dig it out and look at it. Time to throw away the shame and embrace the power. I want you to realize your not alone in your storage habits. We are taught from an early age to cram our "bad" feelings, like sadness, grief anger and many others, into a drawer and close it. To act like we only wear rose colored glasses and never shed a tear. We create the "Facebook life" and feel bad when we can't live up to the standard. I am hear to say it is time to embrace all that we are. Talk about the junk and them move forward. To hear other people who have been through he same things as you and realize we are a community. We are hear to lift each other up and cheer in victory and cry in sadness. This is life, we only get one, so let's do this right.

I am cleaning out the closets and drawers in my house, but also cleaning up the food that goes into my body, the amount of alcohol I consume and the emotional baggage I have built up. Come on this journey with me. Help me, encourage me, join me. Together we can live our best life now.

My very own junk drawer

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